Tuesday, July 06, 2010

New business models for film & transmedia

I'm here at the Power to the Pixel - Pixel Transmedia Lab in Cardiff, Wales. Thank goodness, because it's only 70 degrees here and NYC is apparently in a heat wave. I'm also sitting on a hotel balcony looking over a beautiful bay (of which I would provide a photo if I only had a camera (!!!) on my Blackberry). I've been learning a lot from the excellent experts they've assembled, as well as from the project participants and other attendees. I'll post more on that soon, but for now, here's the slides I'll be presenting tomorrow at my speech on developing new business and financial models for transmedia production. While this group is made up of largely transmedia producers, many are starting with a relatively traditional film, and I think the slides are relevant to anyone thinking about new business models for the production of any media. As with most of my talks, there's not a ton of detail in the slides - most of it is what I say, so I hope to have video to post or link to soon. I think these are easy enough to understand, however, and you can always contact me directly (in comments here or on Facebook) if you have questions. I should be clear  - I'm not presenting anything here as clear, hard facts - the business models are being invented (here at the Lab, for one), but these are some thoughts and observations:

Let me know what you think.


Unknown said...

Good stuff here! I can't wait for the festivals to stand up and create real value as Attention Managers, too. They've got a real opportunity to provide artists access to audience generation tools -- they could even earn income for that service, not by owning rights, but by creating value and earning a commission.

See you soon, Brian.

Simon said...

Thanks for putting this up, listening to your presentation now :) //Simon

fondivina said...

Great material.;-)
I was lucky enough to have it live in cardiff today...

Marc Guidoni


Anonymous said...

Thanks Brian! Wish I was there but thankful for the content via web.

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