Monday, August 31, 2009

Living with Free - DIY Days Philly

Way back before my long vacation, I went down to Philadelphia to speak at DIY Days Philly. It was a good time, and I learned a lot from many panelists - although I am learning more now by watching the videos online of the panels I missed. My presentation video has been posted:

You can also look at the slides that accompanied the presentation here:

Perhaps one day soon, I'll combine the two so there's a presentation with audio. In the meantime, I think the panel that held the most interesting stuff for filmmakers was actually this one on music:

Distribution by the Numbers

While away on vacation - from electronic communications as well - SXSW put up their panel picker. I've proposed a panel for them called "Distribution by the Numbers." The idea is to get some real data behind all these distribution options out there. This is something few distributors want to talk about usually, but it's very important to filmmakers. So, if you like the idea, give it a vote here, and feel free to suggest co-panelists to me. I have some potential folks in mind, but am always open to ideas.