Friday, February 19, 2010

Ben and Noah in Rwanda

About a year ago I was lucky to join a group of people on a trip to Rwanda. With us on that journey was Joe Summerhayes and his two sons, Noah and Ben. They had the task of teaching several young students from Rwanda to make a hand-made animation about gorillas in just two days. Somehow, they did this, but it took them about a year to edit their mini-doc about our trip. It's a great little ten minute video, and I think it's worth watching all the way through, but if you feel 10 minutes is too long in this day/age, skip through to watch our amazing hike with the gorillas (and the near-death experience when a gorilla tackle's our leader!) and the preview of the animation they created. I only show up briefly, so you can tell what an impact I've had on these kids and their future careers in media! Great video, and btw, their father's blog is pretty cool too.

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