Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Miranda July knows Websites

Miranda July has a new book coming out, so she made a website for it. Proof, finally, that there is still creativity on the web.
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Anonymous said...

Work Hours


dust to dust
rights of us all to say otherwise
but how can we realize
that moment only after we perish in our peril
the land of obscurity subsides in our minds
and the random more takes over
as if we had no choice all along
like cogs in a convienence store
working the night shift
kinda pointless yet we still eke out an existence
and maybe that is our purpose
the finite pointlessness
the act of just living it out as if we had a purpose
the irony of it all

all in our inaffectual third eyes
all this time yet we resort to roads and talkshows
and their hosts for are advice
as if we didnt know all along just how crazy it all is
to have a finger actually point in one particular direction
and say here it is i found it
how foolish
so much vanity in a world
where it shines only from several light years away
and otherwise is only a speck of dust or nothing at all