Monday, July 26, 2010

Transmedia Discussions

I just finished off a week of guest posts on the ArtsJournal blog, speaking about arts and culture policy concerns, and now I'm joining a group of writers for a week on the In Media Res blog to discuss transmedia. Boy, I'm bouncing from one exciting topic to another! Well, actually, I think both of these topics are important to filmmakers and all artists, even though they are both a bit academic. But, perhaps this week won't be too serious minded - In Media Res is a scholarly online publication, but this week's writers aren't just an academic bunch. Ok, Christy Dena was one, but she's left that world behind to launch new genius endeavors. Her post kicks off the week, and it's a great look back at Stan Vanderbeek speaking from the dusty old days of 1972 (I was a whopping one year old) about how artists can use the computer to create new types of art. Next up is Marc Ruppel (Ok, he's an academic too), then Robert Pratten, myself and Ted Hope closes out the week. While I'm sure the posts will all be interesting, they'll be much more so if you contribute to the conversation by adding comments - it does take a log-in, but it's pretty painless.

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