Friday, July 02, 2010

The Pixel Transmedia Lab

I'm off to Cardiff, Wales to join many good friends and even more new people (to me) at the Power to the Pixel Transmedia Lab. There's a great group of "group leaders" and tutors, which you can see here, and here's the participants. To my knowledge, this is the first lab of it's type - essentially a Sundance Lab (warning, that links to the worst website ever made) but for transmedia projects. Here's a description of what's going on from the website:
"Topics of learning will include:
  • How to develop stories and create a story universe across multiple platforms
  • New marketing & distribution models: an exploration of a variety of new platforms, revenue models and direct-to-consumer models
  • Audience building and engagement using social media tools
  • Online tools and services
  • Project case studies by leading international filmmakers / practitioners
  • Legal and digital rights issues across development, production and financing
  • The new skills needed for producers and other media professionals in a multi-platform world
  • Project packaging, planning and presentation"
I am speaking there about new business and finance models for cross-media/transmedia production. Or rather, I'm speaking about what I hope to see as new models and what is currently going on in the space. While this particular lab is closed to new participants, the organizers have announced a new Pixel Market, with pitching sessions, education and a cash prize. That looks pretty cool, so check it out.

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