Friday, November 19, 2010

Stop making docs

Yo, you. Shut up, listen. I don’t want your (feature) doc anymore.

I know, you are offended. So what?

Make me a really interesting website, that happens to have maybe 20 minutes total of video. In 3 minute segments. Let me trade it, use it, share it, on my phone. Let it actually have an impact instead of just stroking your and your funder’s egos. Let it be interesting and aware of today’s realities. Let it be useful. Let it never play a film festival. Ever.

Do this, and I will love you. And so will everyone else.

I’m not saying everyone should do this, but you should. Yes, you. Thanks.


Roman said...

Hey Brian,
I met you back in NYC at the Conversation. I like the thought and something I generally agree with. However, what about more complex ideas that need more than 3 minutes to develop? By splitting it up you lose the continuity necessary to build up the mental picture to capture a complex idea. No?

Roger Torras: said...

I would like to add: and death to the Power Points!!!