Thursday, April 23, 2009

Comparing Screens, Big and Small

Over at Reframe, Teri Tynes has a great post comparing big (theatre) and small (Macbook or smaller) screens. Teri says:
First, I would like to profess my conviction that the online world, the place of the computer screen where we increasing watch moving images, is a venue, just not a traditional one. As I have been screening many of the Reframe films through video on demand within this website, I've come to appreciate and enjoy the experience. Where sitting in the auditorium and watching a film in company of others brings the pleasure of the shared experience, watching a film online on a much smaller screen (I have a Mac Book), especially with headphones that cut out ambient sound, offers an intimacy and pleasure that has surprised me. I know people sometimes crowd around a computer and watch a VOD or DVD, and that’s fun, too, but I've grown to like my one-on-one experience with the artists I’ve been discovering through Reframe. While struggling to describe the experience, I feel a heightened personal reaction to what I see online, and perhaps I’m even a less self-conscious in this venue about holding my emotions in check.

I agree. While I am a lover of films on the big screen, I've always found that I can enjoy them differently on my computer, an ipod or even my cellphone screen. I know many people disagree, but her post is worth a read.

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