Friday, July 20, 2007

Most read blogger is film actress

CNN reports that the most read blogger in the world is Chinese actress Xu Jinglei, who film fans know from Letter from An Unknown Woman, a festival hit last year (San Sebastian Fest) She has had over 100 millionpage views in 600 days according to Tehnorati, and according to CNN, she did it without sexual language or gossip about her life as a star.
I realize this isn't the average post for this blog, but I'm fascinated at how popular her blog has been, and think it show the possibilities for other blogs. Yes, she is a huge star (much better known outside of the US, especially in China), but one would have still expected someone like Tom Cruise to get this honor first, or perhaps Jenna Jameson. It also shows that celebrity will still rule the internet, and that the US doesn't dominate culture (yet) online.

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