Monday, January 03, 2011

UnLogo - a great new project!

After my last post, I received a couple of comments telling me to check out Jeff Crouse's UnLogo project. I did, and thought it was worth taking out of the comments and adding this as an actual post. I could write more about it, but Jeff's video about the project is short and sweet and makes everything pretty easy to understand. Jeff (whom I've never met) has some other great projects on his site as well - my favorite being the Godblock app, certifying that a website is free of messages of religious indoctrination. Check out his other projects after you watch this video.

Unlogo Intro from Jeff Crouse on Vimeo.

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NewWave Atlanta said...

This is great for independent media makers cautious not to inadvertently display logos in their media - I bet with the Shazam technology, someone could do the same for copyrighted music.