Thursday, October 21, 2010

Upcoming NYFA Panel

Next week I'll be speaking at the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA), and this talk will be more broadly about how artists can use new technology (as opposed to my usual focus on just filmmaker artists).  I highly recommend you check out NYFA's website for other great resources for both artists and organizations - job postings, fiscal sponsorship, education, arts advocacy, an artists directory, studio space, funding notices and more. They're a really great organization, with a lot of cred in the art world. Here's the description of the panel from their website, and registration info is below.

Brian will survey some key changes in the arts due to digital technology, and will give practical advice for using new technology for art making, dissemination of one’s work and building a sustainable career.
• How has culture changed, past and present, as a result of technology? 
• What are the new tools artists can use to experiment and put forth their vision? 
• What is transmedia, and how might it be used by filmmakers and other artists? 
• How have artists built sustainable careers, selling directly through social media? 
• What have been successful strategies for the use of these new tools? 

Most importantly, this seminar will argue that artists must harness new technology so that they shape the future of our field, instead of it being shaped for them. 

Date: October 28 Time: 6:00 to 8:00 PM 
$10 NYFA Artists (in advance) $15 General Admission (at the door only)


Sush said...

Brian, that is awesome! Im a NYFA graduate and wish I was around for this panel! Im sure the students will get great insight in new media technology.

I recently finished a 25 min short which was funded using facebook, storyboarded on an iphone and auditioned on Skype. Here it is:

Would you be able to share this presentation or some notes for those of us that are not around at NYFA?

Sush K Parmar
Director, Producer
Austin, TX

BNewmanSBoard said...

I'll be posting the slides on Slideshare and linking them here. NYFA is also taping the talk and will post that soon after as a podcast, which I'll also try to post. Brian