Thursday, September 09, 2010

My DIY Days Innovation Speech edited into an actual video!

For a long time my friends in the media world have been razzing me about how I present my talks online. I always post the slides to Slideshare and on this blog, and whenever someone videotapes the speech, I’ll link to their video. The problem is, none of these combine the two - it’s difficult to know what I’m talking about because I often use the slides more as a visual counterpoint than for explication. Unfortunately, while I often talk about new technology, I don’t use it when it comes to video. While I could edit in college - quite well IMHO - that was way back with linear editing and I never learned any of the current nonlinear systems. My 8 year old nephew can do it, but I haven’t even tried to use iMovie. So, I asked my good friend Jen Fineran, a professional editor, to edit one of speeches together with the slides. She’s a great editor and can be reached here. She too had a vacation recently, and was then able to catch up and help me with this. Many thanks to her, and to the person who captured this for DIY Days - Raffi Asdourian - a filmmaker himself who can be found here.

Here’s the new edit of the presentation:

DIY Days - Reinventing Innovation Speech from Brian Newman on Vimeo.

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Jun Kitatani said...

It was a great event.