Thursday, October 15, 2009

Power to the Pixel

Here in London at Power to the Pixel for a little while longer. It's been exciting, learned a lot from other panelists, met some great filmmakers and could feel a real change in just one year - lots more nodding heads (in agreement, not sleep) than last year. Many filmmakers in my meet the expert session were much better experts than me, and doing some cool stuff. More on that soon, but I'm uploading my presentations below. Video will be up soon on PTTP and Babelgum. I was asked to deliver a presentation I've done before. So, the first one, on living with free is not new, just a couple slide updates. If you've seen it before, skip it. Second one was an hour.5 workshop on how to use social media to build audiences and funds. I added a few new things, but some have seen this. But for those who hasn't they are below:


Anonymous said...

Cool stuff Brian. I obviously don't know much about the film biz, but Chris Guillebaeu at also has a nice guide about alternative means of promotion for whatever your idea/product is. And he shows how it has worked for him. It's definitely a new era.

Scott Ellington said...

I hoped the London conference would establish a protocol by means of which filmmakers would customarily inform audiences how to most beneficially subsidize production. The battleground between horizontally&vertically-integrated IP owners and geeky fans is apparently heavily-populated by independent producers. I'm anxiously looking forward to gaining access to the conference procedings through PttP and Bablegum, because the stuff you're talking about kinda doesn't make it's way into the academic circles I've been perusing.