Thursday, June 18, 2009

Open Video Conference Speech

I'm speaking at the Open Video Conference tomorrow, and then immediately boarding a plane for Edinburgh to speak (3 times) at the Power to the Pixel event at the film festival and at a Shooting People event. Then I take some much needed vacation in the Highlands. So, I am posting for all (4) of you lucky web readers, my open video presentation the day before. Wow, look out! it's short, they call it a "lighting talk" ... and it is at 5 minutes.

It's very simplistic, almost like a beginner's powerpoint. It's a style I borrowed from Jenny Toomey of the Ford Foundation, because I was about to present without any slides, but decided a few simple ones could help the flow. Nothing fancy needed here. I'm going to be pretty much ad-libbing about what I see as failures of the open video movement - mainly a lack of attention to the bigger picture, of which open video is just a tiny part. As well as a complete lack of real business models, and an unhealthy disrespect of the "dinoasurs" of old media, who are quite ready to beat the open folks into submission. Don't get me wrong, I'm on the open side, with a dose of realism against the utopianism, but when I looked at the schedule, it seemed like a bit of a love fest in need of a reality check. Here it is, and the Edinburgh ones soon: