Wednesday, May 06, 2009

CwF + RtB=$$$ + $500 = dinner at sizzler

My last tweet on Mike Masnick's presentation got a lot of retweet's and he reached out to say there's an even better version online now. If you haven't watched the earlier one I linked, watch this, and if you have, watch the last ten minutes where he talks about how Trent Reznor's way of building a fan base and making money can work for "smaller" artists.

For those of you wondering WTF?? CwF +RtB = $$$ is a simple equation saying Connect with Fans and add a Reason to Buy and you can make money online with music, film, etc. Pretty simple, and I could elaborate, but well, there's this video you could watch instead. My favorite RtB - Josh Freese's offer to buy you dinner at Sizzler if you give him $500 towards his album!

Leadership Music Digital Summit 2009 - Mike Masnick keynote address, 3/25/09 from Leadership Music Digital Summit on Vimeo.

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