Thursday, December 27, 2007

Self Distributing Sayles

John Sayles, like many a filmmaker before him, has decided that the distribution game hasn't been rigged in his favor and is self-releasing his new film Honeydripper. The film opens this weekend in NY and LA, and then expands. He's working witha great team, including Emerging Pictures, Mark Wynns and Rainforest Films (Stomp the Yard) among others on this release, so its not completely solo, but it is smart.
Definitely go see the film on opening weekend to help them out, but I also recommend that any indie filmmaker follow the film's blog to learn some good tricks. It covers everything from how their distribution plan works, to how to deal with talent agencies as an indie. Definitely worth a read.
I hope they do well with the release.

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jeff schultz said...

I am distributing my film "Rampenfest" via YouTube. Easy, free distribution.