Monday, August 13, 2007

Open Video Content and Education

Back in May, Columbia University and Intelligent Television held a two-day conference on "Video, Education and Open Content." The conference was designed to think about best practices for making video more openly accessible for educational use, as well as to think about what that will mean - for producers, for scholars and teachers, for funders, as well as its ramifications on legal issues, archival issues, etc. I've thought a lot about this, and at Renew Media, we are thinking about what this means for Reframe.
The conference organizers just made the full set of panels available online - you can download the slide presentations, listen and/or watch the presentations and forward them to others. Not all of these will be of interest to many people (sometimes, maybe no one), but its worth checking out if for no other reason than wondering why every film festival and conference doesn't do this as well?
I spoke about some things we are doing at Renew Media, and the slide presentation and speech is linked here. My slideshow below just has certain features, if you are really interested, click the full link and you get the audio, video, etc.

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