Thursday, March 08, 2007

SXSW and Nonprofits

If you've made it past the title of this post, maybe I have a chance of enticing you to stop on by the panel I am moderating at SXSW - The future of nonprofits and film. Still reading? It may actually be interesting, we'll have: Rebecca Campbell from Austin Film Society, which was founded by Richard Linklater; Gabe Wardell, the new head of IMAGE, and I promise to ask him what was the worst mess that I left behind for him to inherit; and Tracy Fleischman of Brave New Films, founded by Robert Greenwald.

I have an agenda that includes the good, bad and ugly. We'll talk about what nonprofits are doing to help filmmakers, whether filmmakers should start their own nonprofit, some recent failures in this arena and controversies, such as the recent dust-up over FIND and the Spirit Awards. One panelist already dropped out from fear - ok, they were just bored with the topic, but I like rumors - and others may follow. Join us this Saturday at the Austin Convention Center.

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Aavarnum said...

Brian, I'm so sorry for missing your panel! I had a hard time keeping myself organized this year. I hope your panel went well, and I've got some filmmaker interviews to post on Re:Sources, so at least I was productive;-)